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A few words about Doc.. I've been Dj-ing around Stockholm since about 2007. At bars and venues as Debaser, Södra teatern, Kägelbanan, Tiki Room, Kulturhuset, Ling Long, Melodybox, PSB, Geronimos FGT, Riche lilla bar, Bröderna Olsson, Landet etc..


These are the clubs me and friends are running at the moment..

TOOT & TRILL / T ' N ' T Rock and Soul club

With compadre Mean Mojo Mathias (also guitarman in the Alloy Six) at that Mexican place Geronimos FGT in Gamla stan in Stockholm since 2015. Its all about - Feral Sounds and Rooty Rhythms - Uptempo Blues - Garage - Rhythm and blues - Soul - Surf - Rock and roll - Punkrock - Pubrock...

:: Geronimos FGT :: Stora nygatan 5 :: Stockholm



Mate and fellow bearded man Rockin Dennis and Doc is hosting a new club in town. So far we've been spinnin records at Ling Long (riddargatan 6), PSB (skånegatan) and Tiki Room (birkagatan 10. Description: Seriously disturbing and fabulous mix of various sounds of the 50s and 60s - Rock'n'roll - Rhythm'n'blues - Soul - Garage - SKA - Rocksteady - Popcorn - Instrumentals - Rockabilly - Latin - Yéyé - Surf...



Quite frequently you'll find Doc Pete at that Exotic place called TIKI ROOM as his doin his best to cure guests with Doc's Tiki Room Remedy - Mostly about R'n'b and SKA so you might call it a Rhythm & SKA club - Rhythm'n'blues - SKA - Surf - Caribbean / Calypso - Rock'n'roll - Rocksteady - Popcorn - Instrumentals - Latin - Yéyé

:: Tiki Room :: birkagatan 10 :: Stockholm



At one of Stockholms best hidden treasures! More charming venue as Melodybox you might not get in this town (Hökmossen, Telefonplan - Hägersten). This was the home of the music club The Ring Ring Ring on a couple occasions between 2014 and 2015. Co-work with the one and only.. Tristan and Vanja and their band (also band of the house) - THE VANJAS!

Bands that played here.. The Vanjas, King Salami and the Cumberland three, Martin Savage Gang, Mike Barbwire and the Blue Ocean Six, Fuzzy Vox, Georgia Barbershop


The Ring Ring Ring crew also did the club WEIRDSVILLE Stockholm (as a sister-club to the RRR!) at the punk boat Vielle Montagne where Five Finger Discount and the Vanjas played. Also same evening - GREAT SHAKES with Mulle Livsgnist behind the wheels of steel.


Doc Pete also do graphic design under signature or company name Locomotor. Mostly posters, flyers and logos and stuff..




( Doc's Remedy @ Tiki Room, Stockholm)

The Blues is number ONE!




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